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Ant Pest Control

black crazy ant


Black crazy ants get their name because of their quick and erratic movements that seem to occur at random. The workers are small (approximately 2.3-3 mm) and are dark brown or blackish in color, except for the body (which has a bluish iridescence that’s very faint).

carpenter ant


Carpenter ants are among the largest of all the species of ants in the United States, with lengths ranging from 3.4 to 13 mm. They’re commonly black in color, but some of them can be reddish or yellowish. The color of carpenter ants can vary among the different species — from jet black to light brown and many other colors in between.

fire ant


Fire ants get their name from their painful bites and stings. These dark reddish-brown ants are extremely invasive, and they can be found throughout the southern part of the United States. Once they start attacking, fire ants will use their mandibles to grip their prey and inject their venom with a stinger. 

ghost ants


Ghost ants look like tiny, white apparitions that suddenly appear then seem to vanish just as quickly, and you can find them both indoors and outdoors. You’ll typically find them in kitchens and bathrooms, because ghost ants in your house will look for areas that have plenty of moisture.

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