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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are among the largest of all the species of ants in the United States, with lengths ranging from 3.4 to 13 mm. They’re commonly black in color, but some of them can be reddish or yellowish. The color of carpenter ants can vary among the different species — from jet black to light brown and many other colors in between. They get they’re name from the way they build their nests, which involves the excavation of wood so they can build tunnels inside. They don’t eat the wood. They simply chew it as a tunneling method for building their nests.

Once it’s mature, a western black carpenter ant colony will have up to 200,000 workers with larger colonies of more than 50,000 ants. There’s one functional and wingless queen in a single colony, and swarmers aren’t produced until it’s more than two years old. They’re produced in the previous year and held in the nest throughout the winter, so they can be released the following year. Swarmers often appear from May until August in the Eastern part of the United States and from February through June in the west.

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How You Can Get Carpenter Ants in Your Home

Carpenter ants will build their nests in damp or decaying wood, so homes with moisture issues (which can be caused by leaks) are prone to these types of infestations. They’ll also use tree branches that hang over roofs as as a bridge, so they can find their way inside. Unsealed openings around utility pipes and wires are also common points of entry. Once carpenter ants build a nest, they’ll dig tunnels into the wood (which weakens it from the inside). A long-term infestation with many colonies inside your home can lead to serious structural damage. Not to mention, the unsightly cosmetic damage that can occur as well.

Signs of an Infestation of Carpenter Ants

Seeing workers and swarmers are what most homeowners observe. You might see workers while they’re foraging for food, and swarmers may be seen later on when a colony matures and is ready to look for new colonies. Seeing these carpenter ants with wings are the signs of a more established colony. You may also see debris, which is produced when they tunnel through the wood. Rough wood shavings mixed with parts of dead ants are indications of nesting activity. Sometimes, you may hear a rustling sound, as the carpenter ants go about their business inside the wood of your home.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

To control this type of infestation, you first need to find a carpenter ants nest. Once it has been identified, it can be removed or treated with chemicals. Any moisture conditions that the carpenter ants found compatible with their behavior must also be corrected. If you perform a carpenter ants treatment early, you can avoid serious structural damage to your home. If you’re looking for someone who can do pest control in Corpus Christi to eliminate your infestation of carpenter ants, Bug Busters Pest Control has an experienced team that can help you.

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