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Texas Leaf Cutter Ants

Also called “cut ants” or “parasol ants,” leaf cutter ants originate from the United States — primarily in Eastern and South-Central Texas. But they can also be found in parts of Western Louisiana. Leaf cutter ants aren’t common in subdivisions. They’re considered to be a pest in more agricultural and rural areas. They can be serious pests in Central and South America, because it causes millions of dollars in crop losses. A leaf cutter ants colony can have a dozen or more workers that range from 1/8 to 5/8 of an inch length, and they’re often reddish-brown in color.

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Where Leaf Cutter Ants in Texas Can be Found

Leaf cutter ants in Texas are often found in the South-Central part of the state (from San Antonio to Dallas), but you can sometimes find them though East Texas and into Louisiana. A leaf cutter ants nest can cover up to 1,000 square feet, which can be the home of more than a million ants. A nest can also extend 15 or more feet underground, which can be recognized by its crater-shaped mound that surrounds the entrance hole.

Behavior of Leaf Cutter Ants

Because they harvest plant leaves, leaf cutter ants are true farmers. They use the leaves as fertilizer that they use to grow a special type of fungus, which serves as a food source for the colony. Workers will spend the night foraging. When they find a suitable tree or shrub, they’ll swarm over it while cutting circular-shaped pieces out of the leaves. These pieces are dropped onto the ground, where other workers pick them up so they can be returned to the colony. They cut them up into tiny pieces, which are carried back to the colony’s fungus gardens. These foraging trails can be several hundred feet in length, so a leaf cutter ants colony on one property can affect the trees and shrubs of another. A small tree or large shrub can have all of its leaves stripped off in one night.

How to Control Leaf Cutter Ants

You can control leaf cutter ants with ant baits. But in some cases, getting the ants in a colony to take it may require some persistence and timing. Treating vulnerable trees and shrubs with a product that has been labeled for these types of plants could keep these ants from attacking the leaves, but they should be performed by a licensed tree/shrub professional.

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